Monday, November 5, 2012

Labels! Labels EVERYWHERE!

A quick lesson that I did with my Littlest Learner was labeling the house.  Seriously took 3 minutes!
I did the same lesson with Jax when he was about this age (1 1/2)

My fabulous teacher-friend gave me these Post-It Notes that has a simple picture and the word.  I checked the Post-it's website and couldn't find these exact ones.  I even "Googled" and had NO luck!  You could easily make these using a clip art program or pictures from magazines.

Fork and Spoon labels on he kitchen drawers

Added Velcro
I used Velcro squares instead of using tape.  WHY?  It makes this simple activity so interactive and hands-on!  I had taped them on the things we labeled when I did this with Jackson.  Nixon LOVES the sound that Velcro makes so I thought this switch-up wouldn't hurt and would make it so FUN!
Took'm off...

...Put them back on!  Can't ya tell!
We also labeled the couch, the truck bin, his bed, and a lamp.  The lamp was some new vocabulary for him. I figured it would many times have you told your 1 year old to "turn off the lamp"!?  I know I haven't....

And we didn't forget the bathtub!

Clearly can see the green "bed" label
 AND a naked bottom AND diaper in the floor AND a sleeping boy!  

This simple activity exposed Nix to a new word and showed me that he really has a big vocabulary...he just can't speak it yet (or just can in his own little language)!

Happy Labeling and Learning with your Little Learners!

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