Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top 5 "Gotta Gets"...

Here are my Top 5 "Gotta Gets!" if you are really interested in Tot Schooling your little learners.  

#5  - Calendar Pocket Chart - 

I can't think of a better teaching tool to help your little learner learn some many different skills and concepts!  If you haven't already purchased "gotta get it!" ASAP!

#4 - White Boards and/or MagnaDoodle


We use either or both of these tools every day!  If it's not Daddy writing an equation for Jackson during their nightly Math practice, it's me using it with Nixon on Letter Formations.
We use a sock (yes it's clean!) to wipe off our boards.  And I added the blue painters tape to the large white board to help with letter formations. (Thanks Pinterest!)

#3 - Large Foam Dice - Dollar Tree Purchase!!!

Something we use everyday and I think you can tell by the pictures!  We use these when we write addition equations/roll and write (3+5=8).  I've also used them for syllable/letter counting
(Roll it! Find it! - Find the word that has 3 syllables/letters)
We've even used them for time outs...roll it and that's how many minutes you have to sit and
think in Time Out.
The possibilities are endless!

#2 - Supplies labeled and accessible!

This is my pantry!  Bottom 2 shelves are Homeschooling supplies that are clearly labeled and kid-accessible!  I found these labels on Pinterest and the green snap bins came from Dollar General.
Easy to read labels!

I am a big believer that if you show children (not just tell them) how YOU expect things to be used, they will!  I have paints, markers, crayons, colored pencils and even scissors!!! accessible to my kiddos.   (Yes, they are ALL washable!) This really helps with the flow of a lesson if I need them to go retrieve something that I forgot.  And most importantly, I think it gives them a sense of ownership
even at 4 and 2 years old.

#1 - Abacus
I wrote the numbers on it as a visual...but when you flip it around....

It's GONE!
This teaching tool was the best $15 we've spent so far when it comes to teaching Math concepts!
I bought this one at Ross but I'm sure Amazon has them (Melissa and Doug).

 Jackson uses it in so many ways: Counting forward and backwards, Counting by 5 & 10s, finding the sums in his Double Digit addition and subtraction equations.  Nixon can also use it for his simple equations and to count by 10s.  
Such an ancient learning tool that is still so effective!  We love it!  

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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