Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Airplane/Car ride Entertainment Organizer...

Another short and sweet post due to leaving on vaca in 1 day AND packing up our home for the big move in  September!  YIPPY!

How do you travel on an airplane with 2 kids BY YOURSELF?  Well, first you pray for patience (and naps) ant then you just do it! Plus providing LOTS of entertainment for your lil learners usually makes a successful and FUN trip.  

Yes, the Ipad will be fully charged, but that is always my back-up plan if I'm getting "the LOOK" from other passengers.  I have always packed TONS of kid-friendly fun usually purchased from the Dollar Bins at Target.  I would keep all of my $1 bin goodies a surprise before the trip so that it's fresh and new to my lil travelers.  The painful part was organizing it!  I would organize it using gallon-sized zip lock baggies.  This system was tricky and hard to use

...I found this plastic pocket folder gleaming in the Dollar Bin at Target (Man I love that place!)  Absolutely perfect!  Easy to slide in and out of our carry-on pack back and can fit everything from stickers to small books!

I even added a clipboard with a fun pen tied to it!  Plus cut file folders in half to create mini sticker books.  

Other items that I have stored in our pocket folder: 
~ cheap flash cards with velco on the backs so that they gently stick to the backs of seats in front of us.  **I only pull out 3 cards at a time because it's such a hassle picking them up if they drop! Can't find them without doing a back bend...oh well...they were just $1
~wipe away puzzle books with dry erase markers
~Color pages
~Wikki Sticks or Pipe Cleaners
~Colored paper clips

Hope this helps some of you create old-fashioned traveling fun for your little learners!  Turn off the tech and travel...until you get "the look"!

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