Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Our Road Schooling Adventure...according to the 6 year old

Mom: "Do you like road schooling?"
N: "Yes!"

Mom: "Why?"
N: "Because it's fun!  We get to see the trees and animals." (Alrighty?  He's my child that looks at the simple things in life!)

Mom: "How did you learn in the car on our trips?"
N: "I learn about the different license plates that we see on the road."

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N: "I liked listening to our Brains On Podcast.  We learned all about the tide is controlled by the moon."  

Mom: "What was the first stop our family made on our trip to Florida?"

N: "It was Houston, Texas.  We went to the Houston Space Center.  We got to see a simulator and the different astronaut suits and a BIG playscape.
Oh and we saw the REAL Saturn V rocket.  I think it 120 feet long!  It was so big!"

Mom: "How long did it take to get to Florida?"
N: "I don't know?  Maybe 48 hours?!"

Mom: "What was the first stop?"

N: "In Mexico Beach, didn't have ANY yucky seaweed in the water.  
We got to ride the waves at the beach."

Mom: "Where did we go after that?"
N: "We drove some more to Madeira Beach."

Mom: "What did you do there?"
N: "I caught a fish and a seahorse with my Daddy."


N: "We also went to an aquarium in Tampa Fl."

N: "I built my own spaceship, remember?  I didn't have very many toys on our road school trip so I had to make my own."

N: "We went to a place called Fort DeSoto.  It had BIG cannons!"

Mom: "What was your favorite memory?"
N: "The Houston Space Center AND the USS Alabama."

Mom: "If we were going to go on another road schooling trip, where would we go?"
N: "Mauritius to see the Dodo Birds"

Mom: WOW!  That would be amazing!  I'm not making any promises, but maybe we can do that one day!  

And off he went, making his P-51 D Mustang airplane noise.  

Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Road Schooling Adventure - according to the 3 year old

I have been blogging since 2011. Which means I have always been in the writer's seat.

So I decided to switch things up! The next 3 posts will be from my boy's perspective. Because without THEM, this precious journal of our adventures, would have never started.

I sat down with my 3-year-old. He had a bowl of mac and cheese, a few chicken nuggets and a sippy cup of milk. The key here...he was sitting still enough for us to have a quick chat about our month-long road schooling adventure to Florida!

I asked the questions, he simply answered.

Mommy: "What was your favorite part of our trip to Florida?
Mason: "The battleship because we got to shoot the airplanes down with the big guns.

But I liked
coming back home to see my garbage trucks and my friends (aka his giant pile of stuffed animals)."

Mommy: "How many states did we travel through?"
Mason: "5 states"

Mommy's internal thought: "Yippy! He did notice that we went through 5 states...wonder if he could name them all? (Happy Homeschooling Mom!)

Mommy: "What was your favorite state to travel through?"
Mason: "Alabama!"
Mommy: "Why is that?"
Mason: "because of that cool tunnel!!!"
*Who has been through the tunnel in downtown AL*

Mommy: "What kinds of animals did you see?"
Mason: "Deer and dolphins"

Mommy: "We saw lots of animals at the Florida Aquarium."  
Mason: "Oh! Remember when I got Alex the turtle"
*This was the stuffed animal that he picked out at the gift store!*

Mommy: "Did you enjoy the beach or the swimming pool?"
Mason: "Going to the swimming pool because it was so warm!  I really liked the hot tub!"

Mommy: "Did you find any seashells?"
Mason: "Yep!"
Mommy: "What did they look like?"
Mason: "We painted them. I liked the rainbow one and the pink one."

Mommy: "What was your favorite part?"
Mason: "I liked going on the hike at the beach."

Mommy: "Do you want to go back to FL?"
Mason: "NO! I missed being at home. It took too long to get there!  I would rather go to Fritch. (which is where his grandparents's only an 8-hour drive!)

And he was off! Full belly in this sweet boy means time to play. My interview was DONE and my heart was full.

Stay tuned for my next post here.  You'll get an earful from the 6-year-old.

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