Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Peek Inside our Homeschool Week

I love looking back at our week.  Just when I start to think..."we didn't get ANYTHING done this week", I look back at the pictures that I took.  I smile, pat myself on the back, give my kids a high-five and think again...

Our Monday

A family tradition, we had back in Texas, was to go out and eat Vietnamese food every Saturday.  Well....New Zealand doesn't have the best Vietnamese food, so we ventured out and introduced the boys to Indian.  Guess what...THEY LOVE IT!

So we decided to check out this book to read and learn more about this fabulous country and its culture.

In honor of Easter, we gathered up some materials to make our "Empty Tomb".  Our hope is that our grass seed will sprout and look beautiful on our Easter table on Sunday! 
I am so thankful for the ladies over at The Homegrown Preschooler for providing such a great curriculum for us to use!

This week, we also began our "Morning Meeting".  After listening to a The Homeschool Sister's Podcast, with guest speaker Pam Barnhill, I decided that I wanted to incorporate this fabulous idea.  Snacks, candles and special music is how I draw the boys into the kitchen for our Easter Bible Study.  

Tech Tuesday

It was time to hack into our old electronics and see what was inside.  The boys LOVE doing this!  

I think next week, we might head over to the "Op Shop" aka Thrift Store and grab up some different electronics to take apart and learn with.

Wizard? Wednesday 

We are REALLY into Harry Pottery these days!  So I pulled a printable from Big Life Journal so that the 9-year-old could read all about his favorite author and her failures that made her famous.  

The boys were using an old video camera to film their version of Harry Potter starting the cutest Harry Potter that I have EVER seen! 


We LOVE making cookies for ourselves but we REALLY love making them for our neighbors!  The 7-year-old made a "copy work card" while the other 2 whipped up some cookies for our new neighbors.  This picture makes me about you?

A Rainy Friday

Wanna know the coolest way to calm down your kiddos on a rainy day?

Open up a coffee shop for Poetry Tea Time!  

Here's what you need:
*CoffeeHouse music playing
*Candles lite
*Newspapers, books and magazines on the table - picture Starbucks!
*cash register
*tip jar
*tea or hot chocolate

Optional but adds so much FUN!
*Canned Whip Cream

What do you do?  
The Mom pretends to be a barista at Starbucks.  (remain "in character" it's SO FUN!) The kids come to the bar, place their order, pay with play money, leave a tip, then take a seat and start reading.

The Mom serves the kiddos their drinks.  They all sit down, read poetry and enjoy the sweet ambiance of this homeschool!  I think Julie Bogart would approve this one!

What do you think you might try in your homeschool after taking a Peek Inside our Homeschool Week?

Happy Learning with your Little (and big) ONES!

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