Monday, March 6, 2017

Our Study of Successful People - Albert Einstein

I wanted to start our 2017 school year with a "Successful Individual" study.  
I posted on facebook and was so excited to hear everyone's suggestions!  

I ended up saving that post so that I could create a running list of these names.  And I am working on creating our list...which I promise to share REAL SOON!

At first, I was thinking I needed to start with a person that was living and present in our world.  But I already had this great resource that had been given to N for Christmas from his Day and Nana.
 I picked it up one sunny afternoon and started reading it!  This book was perfectly written to grab kids (and adults) attention!  I learn so much about Albert Einstein and could wait to read it to the boys!  

And I was right...they couldn't get enough of this book!  I bet J asked me to read it every-single-day...And I sure tried to.
*side note: our read aloud time is usually during breakfast and/or snack time.  I have found this works well for us!  Everyone is busy eating, which leads to great listening and questions.*  

WE wanted to learn more about this successful individual.,.together!  So we headed to the library and grabbed every book they had.


We even found some time to finish up our study at Einstein Brothers Bagels.

 I love taking our learning out in public.  It makes me proud to be a homeschooler.  And I have found most people stop to take a look and/or give us a smile.

Starting our TimeLine

I had this idea floating around in my crazy brain about creating a timeline that we could continue throughout our entire homeschooling years.  It's super simple to make: 
Sentence Strips 

Velcro dots or packing tape.

I wrote the dates in Sharpie marker and assembled it with the boys.  They really showed me that they understand time...past, present, and future.  I can probably thank the movie "Back the Future" for helping with that!  LOL

We simply started with the birth and death date of Albert Einstein.  That was easy bc that's what was fresh on their minds.

But once they saw the years I had written, that led to the boys adding birthdays.  

Our next Move

I would really like to add clothes pin clips that have laminated pictures of the people on our timeline.  This will make it more interactive and fun! And once we make those, I will post them on social media for you to see!  

I hung our timeline up in our learning room.  

And our next Month's successful individual, Elon Musk, will be added.

So stay tuned and be sure and follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Happy Learning with your little ones!

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