Saturday, February 17, 2018

Wait!...I'm an EXTROVERT!!

If you personally know me, you know that I'm an "outgoing, socially confident person" (Wikipedia definition of the word extrovert).

I am a total extrovert!  I get my energy from other people and being around...other people.

Back in Austin, Texas, THESE were "my people" (and will always be).  These women were the gals that gave me energy, confidence, and comfort.

But when you decide to move to the other side of the world, these people can't come with you.

Wait!...I'm an EXTROVERT!  I'll be just fine.  Right?


With the unpredictability of our housing situation, here in New Zealand and the 100+ days of maintaining a nomadic, minimalist homeschooling family... I slowly started to accept the fact that my EXTROVERT-self was shifting into an INTROVERT-self.

And for this season in my life, it wasn't going to be THAT bad.

This would be a season to reflect.  A time to be still and quiet, when my soul wanted to mingle and meet!

This needed to be a season for connection.  Not with others outside our home (extrovert-self), but with those inside!  I needed to use this time, that God has so preciously given me, to connect with my family.  The 5 of us has been the only thing consistent over the past 5 months.  And my children need to feel and understand how powerful a family connection needs to be during these tough times.

On my most lonely days, I get out and go!  And the other day, I set off on a hike up Mt. Kau Kau.  ALL-BY-MYSELF!

I randomly selected a podcast, popped in my earbuds and set off!

Well, this NPR podcast was an interview with Brene Brown and it ended up being SO POWERFUL! God must have known that THIS is what I needed to hear and feel as I hiked up that mountain.  And thank GOD for sunglasses...because I was crying most of the hike up!

My EXTROVERT-SELF was set free after hearing this Maya Angelo quote mention by Brene Brown.  And those tears were tears of joy and comfort.  It was all going to be alright!

Extroverts have a hard time with this.  We WANT to belong someplace with someone.  But as my heart has recently been opened up with this idea of being an introvert, this quote made more sense. 
We have to be comfortable with being free with ourselves in order to have "True Belonging".  And it's a hard process, but with it, comes a great comfort.

So for now, I'll continue to be at peace my new INTROVERT-SELF.

I'll embrace a season for "True Belonging".  

A dear friend mentioned in a recent text..."And I'm certain that once you guys get settled, you'll get a groove going that will include a group of supportive friends that will meet those extrovert needs in you.  God has already chosen those friends for you and is preparing them to welcome you and your boys into their lives."

But until then, reflection, connection, and true belonging are going to get me through this!

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