Sunday, July 30, 2017


I love having names for our homeschool days that we can remember.
Over the years, we have added these fun acronyms for days of the week.

We have:
#FunwithFood Friday

It just seems to click with us!  When we wake up, we know what to expect for that day.

And I recently had a mom tell me how she LOVES our ideas for #techtuesday and started implementing the this series of blog posts are for those of you that might wanna give this idea a try in your upcoming homeschooling year.


Yep!  The hashtag explains it very well.  

And to clarify, we don't just do Math on Monday.  I just implement a bit more Math on Mondays that's FUN!

We've taken trips to the pet store with clip boards and calculators.  I ask the kids to pick a pet that they would love to have.  Their job is to add up how much it would cost to bring that pet home.
And of course, the hardest part is saying "NO!" to the pet's they want.  LOL . Sorry kiddos, it was just your Math Lesson!

Most of the time, I incorporate Math into our read aloud time on Mondays.  This is an easy way to begin incorporating #MathMonday.  I simply browse and grab 2-3 Math books from our local library for that month.  

That Monday, I may read aloud the whole book or just a selected page.  

One day, we made acute and obtuse angles out of carrots after reading page in a cool geometry book.  Another day, we talked about how long it would take to get to the moon from the earth.  I just borrowed this book from my 6-year-old astronaut.

 We've made maps!  We've even play putt-putt golf and gone bowling.


Another easy and fun way to start simple with #MathMonday is to play a game.
Many homeschoolers have discovered the power in playing games to help teach math and reasoning skills.  If you check social media under #gameschooling, you'll find so many cool ideas!
Here are a few we've used.

And my last go-to resource for #MathMonday is Khan Academy.  
When nothing is planned for this day, we are always happy to count our 15 minutes of Khan Academy for our MathMonday.

So are you ready to start your #MathMondays?  I hope this post helps you get started with some ideas.  

Be sure and check back in a few weeks.  I'll be posting some ideas for #TechTuesdays!  

Happy Learning with your Little (and BIG) Ones!

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