Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We R Back!

Well HELLO!  We are back and life has sure changed for our family since I last posted...ummmm, A YEAR AGO!  So hard to believe.

November 2012, we happily discovered, we were pregnant with boy #3!  So life got busy with baby Masons arrival in July plus a move in August of 2013...something needed to give for awhile and sadly it was the blog!

But, things are steady (for the time being) so I'm gonna give this another go!  And with so many emails from mommies interested in the "Hows" and "Why's" with homeschooling little learners, I am feeling lead to restart our blog in full force again!

Don't cha love when God gives you a little nudge and you don't listen, then another and another .... then finally a gentle PUSH!  I have to remember that HE has laid out this path and purpose for our family and it's my job to share it with you!

It feels good to be back and share what has changed and remain the same with my THREE little learners!


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