Friday, November 14, 2014

A few things to be thankful for...

Today was just one of those "sweet days".  Everyone was sweet!  The cold weather felt sweet!  Brisket cooking all day in the oven smelled sweet!  So thankful for days like these.

We needed a day like today.  The first of our week was good but not "sweet", like today.  And with Thanksgiving around the corner, it was sweet to get to learn about thankfulness!

I sprinkled a little learning throughout our day.  (Which often end up being some of my favorite days!)

I was SO tempted to turn on Christmas Carols, but I refrained while we cut, pasted and colored this 6 page Pilgrim book.  And while doing that, we talked all about what we had remembered from "This is America, Charlie Brown"...which we snuggled up and watched yesterday.

Something so simple and sweet with great conversation lead to happy kiddos that were so thrilled about the book they had just created!

After lunch, "movie rest time" while building with Legos, we started creating our Mayflower Ships.

Just took washed out applesauce containers, painted them with brown acrylic paint (NOT washable; tell you why later)

While those were drying, we created our sails by tracing shapes onto white paper...
 Then taping them onto wooden BBQ sticks.

We attached the Mayflower Mast to the boat using clay.  I asked the boys to think about how much clay they would need to still keep the boat 'a float.  

Finish product and happy kiddo!  
Tomorrow we will take them outside and use place them in water (probably use the sand table).  **That's why we didn't use washable paint!**

I want the boys to predict if their boat with sink or float.  Then we are going to rein-act the bad weather the Pilgrims experienced and see how our Mayflowers hold up.
I'll post pictures to Facebook...
So be sure and check in there! 

Hope you next few weeks are as "sweet" as I'm praying ours to be!  
I think if we, as parents, just slow it down, enjoy to moments, then days like today are filled with grace and thanksgiving.

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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