Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gonna GO, gonna Go WILD KRATTS!

The newest trend in our house is Chris and Martin...also known as The Wild Kratt Brothers.  We have printed off a BILLION creature power discs, we have the vests and gloves, we have watched just about every episode on Netflix.

So when my kids LOVE something, we tie that into our learning. (Isn't that what homeschooling is ALL about!?)
This is what I came up with.

 The Wild Kratt Creature Journal

Things you will need to make your own:
Mommy's Little Learners Wild Kratt Journal Printables 
* Click here for your Cover Page
* Click here for pg 1 of Animal Recorder Sheet
* Click here for pg 2 of Animal Recorder Sheet
Wild Kratt Passport PRINT HERE
Powerdisc Printables PRINT HERE
1 Spiral notebook
2 Envelopes
The Cover page (above)
Print off the cover page (laminate if you wish) and glue it to the front of a spiral notebook.

Next, open up the notebook.  
**I found notebooks that already had a pocket page inside.***

Sorry for the side-ways picture
If you can't find these, then here's another option:

On the inside of the cardboard cover of the notebook, glue 2 letter or legal-sized envelopes.  One envelope is to house your child’s Wild Kratt passport which you can download and print here Wild Kratt Printable passport.  The 2nd envelope can house your child’s creature power discs.  Be sure and print some before hand, just for fun.  

Here’s a great link to get you started: Power Disc Printables   

Turn the page so that you have an open spread of 2 pieces of paper.  To make things different, I created the printables in landscape form, so that your child can have a top to bottom spread of information.  

Print and glue or staple the Animal Identifier Record Sheet.  With J next to me, I did some "thinking out loud" to model how I wanted this done. I wrote about the first creature which happened to be from the "frog fish" favorite!!

Then he did the next entry, a few days later, for his Writing assignment.
We used Wikipedia to help with some of the information about the Sperm Whale, which is the creature he chose to research.

We haven't used this mini-book yet, but plan to soon. It's a feature on pg 2 of the Animal Identifier Sheet.

I hope that you and your little learner enjoy making a Wild Kratt Creature Journal.

Be sure and share your ideas and pictures on our
or leave some comments below. That always makes my heart smile!

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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