Tuesday, May 31, 2016

100 Days Smarter!

We launched our school year back in September of 2015. And it's the end of May 2016...finally celebrating being 100 days smarter.  We VERY casually counted our days of learning.  using these by our calendar:
and boy was it exciting to flip that card over to 100 and add our final sticker on our pattern chart.

This 100th Day celebration thing was introduced to me back in 2004 when I was teaching 27 first graders.  During the class calendar time, the kids would help me count down.  We had to be consistent with our 100 day countdown because the school made a big deal out of it also!  Celebrating back then was fun stuff...so it was a MUST to carry over this concept into our homeschool.

When you school year 'round, why stress about when your 100th day will be celebrated?  Learning happens in this house (and all around town) every day.  Last week, we hit the big number...and THIS is how we celebrated it.

I created a SlideShow using google drive.  This show sparked up some excitement, added fun ways to do Math/critical thinking and kept us on track.

The night before, while watching TV with the hubby, I blew up 50 balloons, then bagged them...10 balloons per bag.  
I knew this would be a great multiplication problem for J, a great way to reinforce counting by 10s for N, and just plain fun for MiniM.

Once we blew up the rest of them up, I posed this question ...

Lots of good conversation came from this question.  And lots of FUN came from this frugal idea.   Be sure and check out the SLOW-MO video on our Mommy's Little Learners Facebook page.

The next question was a little sneaky.  And the boys were VERY concerned about tummy aches after eating 100 donuts.

And all of you that know me well, probably know that I could throw down on 100 donut holes.  Here was my plan all along:

As our morning rolled along, we had fun with popcorn kernels and measuring DrPepper in milliliters.

This one REALLY surprised them.  Milliliters sounds like ALOT to a 7, 5 and 2 year old.  They were very surprised to find out how much 100 ml really is.

Today was the day for groceries so I weaved the 100th day of school celebration into going to Sams.  

  I gave J &N a REAL 100 bill.  They helped pick out groceries and even picked out a book as their goodie.  During check out, they handed over their $100.  J said "WOW!  we need more money to pay all these!"
Exactly!  My point had been made (at least to the 7 year old)  Two Hundred dollars goes REALLY fast when you are feeding 3 boys and their Daddy.

And to end the epic day...I asked them this:

And I bet you can hear their screaming answer! 

Later that night, I video interviewed them answering this question:
And what they said brought tears to my eyes and made my heart so happy.  
We did, learned, explored, read, hiked, played and so much more...all together!    
And darn!  The 7 year old never got his picture taken with the photo prop before it got tossed in the trash.

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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