Friday, August 12, 2016

Fun with Food Friday - Making Pao De Queijo

My learners requested that we do MORE cooking on Fridays...I have to admit that I became VERY lazy planning our Fun with Food Fridays over the summer (we school year round).  

Side note:  I just love cooking in our homeschool!  We cover SO much material while having fun!  Today, my little learners were exposed to fractions/measurement, reading, following directions, geography, chemistry, and so much more!

So with that request and our 2 weeks of Olympic Thematic learning, we whipped up some Brazilian Cheese Bread called Pao De Queijo.  **click the word to hear the pronunciation**

It was a HIT!!!  (We also did our very, first FaceBook Live session!  So jump over there to check us out cooking this recipe LIVE)

**My Biggest Learner was sick this day.  BOO!**

The ingredients are simple...excepted the flour!!!  Tapioca Flour is the main ingredient and you can grab it at your local grocery store OR
Making the milk mixture to boil!  Be careful bc it's HOT!!!

I poured the boiling mixer in with the Tapioca Flour and we started to mix!!!  
The boys LOVE seeing how the mixer works.

Kids CAN crack eggs (and then wash their hands IMMEDIATELY!)
 My trick is to crack into a separate bowl so we can fish out any shells.

adding the eggs...slowly!
Adding the cheese...slowly while "taste testing" the cheese.

Rolling up our golf ball sized dough using wet hands - SUPER IMPORTANT!!  The dough is sticky and this helps it not stick to lil hands.

While they cooked and make the house smell amazing...the boys played!  

TA DA!!!  Our Brazilian Bread Balls turned out to be sooooo yummy! I think we will eat them up while we watch the games this morning.  
A downloadable version of this recipe is up on my facebook page 
OR feel free to leave a comment and I'll email it directly to you! 


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