Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Our Road Schooling Adventure...according to the 6 year old

Mom: "Do you like road schooling?"
N: "Yes!"

Mom: "Why?"
N: "Because it's fun!  We get to see the trees and animals." (Alrighty?  He's my child that looks at the simple things in life!)

Mom: "How did you learn in the car on our trips?"
N: "I learn about the different license plates that we see on the road."

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N: "I liked listening to our Brains On Podcast.  We learned all about the tide is controlled by the moon."  

Mom: "What was the first stop our family made on our trip to Florida?"

N: "It was Houston, Texas.  We went to the Houston Space Center.  We got to see a simulator and the different astronaut suits and a BIG playscape.
Oh and we saw the REAL Saturn V rocket.  I think it 120 feet long!  It was so big!"

Mom: "How long did it take to get to Florida?"
N: "I don't know?  Maybe 48 hours?!"

Mom: "What was the first stop?"

N: "In Mexico Beach, didn't have ANY yucky seaweed in the water.  
We got to ride the waves at the beach."

Mom: "Where did we go after that?"
N: "We drove some more to Madeira Beach."

Mom: "What did you do there?"
N: "I caught a fish and a seahorse with my Daddy."


N: "We also went to an aquarium in Tampa Fl."

N: "I built my own spaceship, remember?  I didn't have very many toys on our road school trip so I had to make my own."

N: "We went to a place called Fort DeSoto.  It had BIG cannons!"

Mom: "What was your favorite memory?"
N: "The Houston Space Center AND the USS Alabama."

Mom: "If we were going to go on another road schooling trip, where would we go?"
N: "Mauritius to see the Dodo Birds"

Mom: WOW!  That would be amazing!  I'm not making any promises, but maybe we can do that one day!  

And off he went, making his P-51 D Mustang airplane noise.  

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