Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dear Mema...

October 2016

Dear Mema,
   You probably saw from up above that we just spent 2 weeks at the cabin in Lake George, Co.  Wow!  What a magical place.  So many memories were made there and are continuing.

Every time we stop in at a local store or even at Santa's Workshop in Colorado Springs...I proudly say "My great-grandfather built an amazing cabin at Lake George.  And now my kids are spending some time there!"  We are so blessed to have this place to laugh, love and remember.

Did you see that deck!?  I can't believe how much we enjoyed the new deck.

We laughed:

We learned:

We remembered:

Wish you could see how happiness happens here.  But I bet you really can hear it.

Every time we are at this cabin, we feel happy.  We feel your presences.  We feel at peace.

August 2017
Dear Mema,
Remember those trips we would take as GIRLS-ONLY!  No boys, no men...just these ladies and a maybe a few more!  I remember the laughter you all shared and the stories yall would tell.

Well, guess what!!!?
I continued that tradition this year and headed up with 2 of my dearest friends.
We laughed:

 We learned and discovered new places:

We remembered:

Every time we are at this cabin, we feel happy.  We feel your presences.  We felt at peace.

October 2017

Dear Mema,
We wanted one last family vacation before we set sail to New Zealand for a few years.  So guess what the unanimous decision was?  That special place...that heavenly place that your daddy had built for you and for his great-great-grandchildren to enjoy.

Every time we are there, we feel happy.  We feel your presences.  We feel at peace.

Everyone was a year older.  But some things remained the same:

We laughed...

We explored...

We learned...

I wish you were still here on earth to see and experience the excitement that this cabin brings to your great-grandchildren.  I wish we were able to hug you and hear your laughter.  

This cabin was only the beginning to our homeschooling "edventures".  Because of this cozy cabin, Jeremy and I were able to extend our vacations into learning opportunities for our kiddos.  Because of this cabin, we were able to have a "home away from home" for many weeks at a time.  Because of this cabin, my family and friends got to experience what you had always wanted for this special place...LOVE and LIFE!

I miss you every day!

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  1. I am a traveler and seem to not like a place for a long and keep on traveling. Your post really motivated a person like me and I got the point that you were trying to explain.

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