Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Heart Day!  I "heart" Valentine's Day and this year decided to start a family tradition called "Hidden Hearts".  I purchased 2 red mailboxes from Micheals, one for Jackson and one for Nixon.  I also bought a package of pre-cut hearts with envelopes...just to save me some time (you can always cut out your own).  On each heart, I have pre-written messages or redeemable coupons.  For example, 1 free trip to the park with just Mommy/Daddy (for Jackson and Nixon) or "I love you because...", Coupon: Mommy will sleep in YOUR bed with you ALL night long (I might regret that one later)
 The way it works, is each day, I will hide 1 heart/envelope in the house, starting February 1st (YICKS, it's tomorrow) until February 14th.  Of course, it's Jackson's job to find the heart and read the address for who it belongs to. (This month we are learning about letter writing/addressing so this is a fun way to start)  He will LOVE being the "mailman".  Then on Valentine's Day, we will open and read all of our messages AFTER our family candlelight dinner!  Hope you LUV this idea!  I can't wait to see how it turns out:0)

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