Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Daily Schedule

Here's a pic of our Daily Schedule.  If you know me, my life is based off of one BIG schedule!  It works for me, might not work for you...just keep that in mind!
 I have this posted on Jackson's door.  I have also made icons for each time slot so he can use the "picture clues" to understand the words.  Do we follow this schedule everyday?  Absolutely not!
Yep..we also have a Daily Calendar which we TRY to do every morning after breakfast.  I purchased a "pocket chart" and this calendar kit from Lakeshore Learning Store.

  **Notice the "environmental print = McDonalds/ Library Icons"   Environmental print icons are PERFECT for early readers. Google "environmental print" and I promise you'll find lots of printables! 

 I just created my own based on places  we go all the time.  Then I glued them on sticky notes and laminated them!  Yep...everything is laminated in this house:0)

  I will eventually add "Yesterday was..." and "Tomorrow will be..."

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