Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Count it down...

Around the White House, we find any reason to create a "Count Down"! Birthdays, grandparent's visits, trips to the name it, we count it! They are super easy to make!  If you have paper, glue and your kiddo; then you can make these!  I always modify our "Count Downs" in some way to teach a different Math skill, as you can see in the pictures.
Here are a few pictures of our "Count Downs" over the past 2 years.
Christmas Countdown (patterns) - construction paper
Nixon's First Birthday (number line) - sentence strips and birthday cake di-cuts from a teacher store
Beach trip with Bob-o (subtraction and fine motor skills) - sentence strips and scissors
Day and Nana's visit - computer printed off numbers and an "O ring"
These are also great for kids Nixon's age (1 yr old)  He is very good at taking/ripping the numbers off!  I also make a point to have Nixon right by us when we are counting down and talking about the numbers!  This simple activity is a great way to introduce and expose your child to number lines, counting forward and backwards, subtraction, patterns, greater than and less than concepts and much more!

Happy Learning!

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