Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Going on a Letter HUNT!

I bought a cheap ABC foam puzzle at Dollar Tree.  The letters punched out of the main board and we have gotten our moneys worth out of that toy!  We've used the letters for stamp painting and other things, but mainly for our Letter Hunts.  These little 1 inch foam letters fit perfectly inside plastic Easter Eggs!
I don't know why this picture wont flip over the  right way...but you get the idea, right?

When I first started this game with Jackson over a year ago, I just used the letters in his name.  (One letter in each egg)  NOW...it's any letter!  I usually use this game as an observational moment to see what letters/sounds he has or needs work on.

Here is a video from last May when we were just working on Letter Recognition...
Now, we hide eggs and as Jackson or Nixon finds them, we will talk about the letter, it's sound and a word that begins with that letter.
Nixon found some eggs too!

Now that Jackson knows all of his letters and most sounds, I'll be putting words inside the eggs.  We are starting with "Sight words" (words that are most frequently used in language - written or oral)  
EX: and, he, I, in, of, is, it, that, the, was, to, a

IDEA for older kiddos: You can also purchase the BIGGER plastic eggs and stuff in letters to spell specific words.  This will allows your kiddo to Build, Mix and Fix the letters into words!
EX:  C-A-T, or names of family members.

IDEA for infants: Using the BIGGER plastic eggs, you can stuff wooden shapes or laminated color cards inside.  OR even pictures of family members!

So once you see those plastic Easter eggs on the shelves, grab them and have fun learning with your little ones!

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