Sunday, April 22, 2012

Morning Procedures HELPS your Mommy!

Jackson's has turned into the "I can do MYSELF" kid already!  I was hoping his dependency would hang around alittle while longer...but he is a WHOPPING 3 years old now!  So grown up!  And if you are ready to be independent, buddy, then all that does it help your momma (and makes me sad at the same time...sniff, sniff)

I have been going back and forth about Jackson having a chore chart.  My "mommy brain" was telling me that he just wasn't there yet.  BUT...
we could always start with Morning Procedures!  If this works well, then we'll start with chores maybe this summer.  All this could do is make my life ALOT easy!

And if I can handle teaching morning procedures to first graders, this should be a piece of cake, right?
This is what I came up with!

First, I took 4 pictures of him actually doing his "morning procedures" today!  1) Go Pee Pee 2)Wash your hands 3)Brush your teeth 4)Pick out clothes
(Four task/pictures, at this age, is a good number...not to many, not to little)

I printed the pictures and typed in a short question sentence at the bottom of each picture. "Did you wash your hands?"  (Because THAT'S the question I ask EVERY morning)

I stuck a number using scrapbooking stickers at the top of each picture to show sequence/ordinal numbers
(Math Lesson coming soon!)

On the back of each card is a smiley face and "Yes I did!" in text!  I added fun stickers just to make it and like an accomplishment!

Next step... LAMINATE and hang!

The idea: after every procedure is done, then he flips the picture over to show me "Yes I did!" it!

I just introduced this to him today (Sunday), but it officially starts tomorrow!  I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy Learning with your Little Learners!


  1. I just finished making mine!! Started with three tasks. We will see. Thanks Ash!

  2. super cute Ash, so doing this!

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