Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quick and easy ideas

My "dinosaur" of a computer is running super-slow tonight!  So I'm gonna make this a quick one!  My patience is shot after a day with no naps (for either boys) and NOW a computer that wants to take it's precious time...grrrr! Here's a few here and there ideas for you to try with your little learners:

Do a Puzzle...add some labels!

I can't get enough of sticky notes!  They are the best things to keep around for labels, lists, or just a fun way to get your kiddo writing!  

Thanks to Pinterest, we enjoyed this little Science experiment using magnetic letters, construction paper and the SUN!

It also gave me to the chance to assess Jackson on his name knowledge!

Think your little learner might be ready for reading?  Try this first!  
I was curious to see if Jackson REALLY knew the difference between Letters and Words, so I made up this mini-assessment.  
I made the HUGE mistake of saying "You can have candy for a snack if you just do this for Mommy!"  Check out how fast this sort goes...and how wrong it went!
"One over here...One over over here...One over here!  Now where's my candy?"
So we tried it again...and I think he clearly understands the difference between a word and a letter...

Happy Learning with your Little Learners!

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