Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Show me what you know, Jax!

I knew there HAD to be a way to check Jackson's understanding on specific skills that we have been working on!  After weeks of reflecting on how to get this done...this is what I came up with.  I just started it yesterday (May 8), so I'll keep ya posted on if it's something that we will continue to use or if we will try something new.  But today, this worked, just like I had planned!

Meet our Morning Work box!  

I actually don't really like this title, but it's all I could really come up with.  Jackson's best time for independent work and play is first thing in the morning or right after nap (because once he gets going, he doesn't stop!) that's how I came up with such a "fancy title"!
I am also going to add a "Morning Work" icon/flip card to his morning procedures (see Morning Procedures HELPS your Mommy post)
Here's how I organized the inside of this old file box:
3 different colored hanging file folders that holds independent work and materials inside.  I wanted EVERYTHING to be stored so it's a "grab and go do" kind of deal.  I hate looking around for paper, crayons, scissors!  I feel like it breaks up the focus and momentum for big and little people.  I have an obsession with always being prepared and thinking ahead!
Plastic Wipe Container that I slide into folders that can hold  crayons, scissors, gluesticks, stickers, or sticky notes!
And the Clothespin clips are for showing me that he is finished with the work that he choose (see next picture)
Jackson shows me that he is finished by flipping around the clip that shows the blue sun sticker.  

This morning, he picked his Highlights Magazine page that has the Hidden Pictures exercise on it.  For the past 3 subscriptions, Jackson and I have been doing this activity together.  I've showed him how you circle the small picture once you've found it in the BIG picture.  Then mark an "x" through the picture you've found to let you know..."YOU FOUND IT!"
  Check out his independent work!  
I'm so proud!
He clearly understands and has applied what  I've taught him!  What an amazing feeling!
I pointed out the GREAT things that he did on his work!  He said that he was finished for the morning, but needed to  keep his clip turned around (no sunshine showing) so he could finish it another day.  Fine with me!

Keep in mind that the material that I am putting in here are skills and strategies that we have worked on for months!  This is a tool that I am using as a teacher to see if what I am doing is effective for my student!  I even plan to just throw in some fun stuff like a "Free time on the computer" card to research something we've been learning about or some blank paper just to doddle on!   Just to keep the interest there for this lil 3 year old.
And does he HAVE to do his "Morning Work" every MORNING?... Nope!  That's why there's only 3 folders...Jackson can pick which folder and what day/time of day he would like to work on them.  I am a teacher and a mother that believes ALOT in giving children the choice to choose!  Builds independence and reasoning skills, right?

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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