Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home-made Computer Fun! (Diffidently no IPad)

In-laws in town this past week = lots of running around town and not enough time for blog!  Sorry this post is short and sweet!

 Something that I'm truly beginning to love about homeschooling is the ability to really let your children drive your instruction!  For example, I (the teacher) had BIG plans for our word wall and family name cards last month, but my boys are enjoying the name cards so much right now.  MY PLAN (a month ago) was to put the cards up on our ABC word wall right away, but that plan quickly changed!  So this is what I did with them:
Moved a pocket chart into Jackson's room along with family name cards and added a keyboard.  Jackson practices "typing" his "I see..." sentence or the family names.  And Nixon is great at picking out his cousin Landon's name card and walking around the house with it.  It's also been a great way to see how they use them during independent playtime. Proud to say that even Nixon has "read" the "I see" sentence in his own little way!
Here's more pics of the set up!

Told ya!  Short and Sweet!  This week, we will be getting back on track with learning at home!  So I'll be sure to keep ya posted on what we decide to do with these name cards!  
Happy Learning Everyone!

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