Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Learning through Discipline

Jeremy and I knew that we needed some type of visual for us and the kids when dealing with discipline.   So where did I turn for ideas...PINTEREST, OF COURSE!  I found this great chart and made it that day!  Check it out... 

My dear friend noticed that "Oops!" is misspelled!  Dang it!  Wasn't going to re-do the whole chart...oh well!

Here's how this chart works at The White House :0)
*Always start the day with your clip on Good Job
*Positive behavoir/good choices= move clips up!  Being on green is great!
*Negative behavior/bag choices = move clips down...not so good! 

Here's the wording on the chart from top to bottom:
*Good Job
*3 minute (time out) Adjust these for age
*5 minute (time out)
*Lose Privilege

We have found that this really works well for us because it helps Mommy and Daddy look for positive behavior rather than mostly negative!  Every human, young or old, feeds off of positive praise, right!

My added touch were the picture clips.  I just printed out "happy" pictures of them and the hot glued them to a clothes pin.

So here's where the "Learning Through Discipline" comes into play!  If either boy has an "Awesome" day, then they are given 3 "fuzzy balls" aka pom poms.  We keep them out of reach and in a special cup...just to make it fun and exciting!
Jackson and Nixon's special cup on the left
Every time Jackson gets more "fuzzy balls", he counts them using his special number line that I made.  Use 2 sentence strips taped together, then stuck round circle stickers below each number.

This is a great visual for him to see how many he HAS and how many more he NEEDS!  Because once he gets 30 fuzzy balls, then he will get to go somewhere special...his choice!  It could be a trip to the aquarium or splash park.  Something special, fun and easy.

Our first trip will be tomorrow!  He reached his 30 fuzzy ball goal, so I'm sure we will be planning an impromptu fun trip in the morning.
So now what?  We keep going...we plan to add 30 more, which will teach him numbers up to 60.

Happy Learning with your little ones!

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  1. Ash, a WONDERFUL idea! Very fun and motivational for all :)

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