Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Geography and so much more!

We are learning about the 7 continents this week.  I have incorporated our theme into most of J's workboxes and was so excited when this idea came to me during my Sunday planning session....

He LOVES money and is super excited about earning it.  So, what better way than to use nickels to measure distances between 2 continents.  Doing that allowed him to skip counting by 5s...which sets him up for multiplication down the road.  It also gave me the chance to observe his skip counting ability.

First, he read the questions on his data sheet (2nd picture) to help him set up his measurement.

He recorded his measurements on this sheet I typed up.

Just by doing this simple lesson with J, I discovered that he could only skip count by 5's up to #25...
Teachable Moment!!!
I wasn't planning on making this!  But noticed it needed to be done!  

So, we created this skip counting number line to hang up so that we could use it as a reference tool.
To cut down on frustration and time, we "shared the pen".  I wrote a number, then J wrote a number...from 0-95.

  I made sure to use 2 different colors (red & blue) so my Little Learners can see the pattern and different numbers.

And the Grande Finale...
Nixon's favorite number is "100", so we saved that job for him.  He wrote the number to complete our skip count by 5's number line.

So simple, so easy and oh so FUN!
Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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