Thursday, May 1, 2014

So What Do Yall Do All Day? - Peek inside our morning!

Since our move back to Texas in December, we have be getting used to a new home which comes with getting used to a new schedule.  But 4 months later, it finally feels like home and that we are in a great routine!

I highlighted "Mommy and Me" instructional time in red and "Learning through Play" time in orange.  I was interested when writing this post, how much time we spend doing both. 

Our schedule HAS to be flexible and does change from day to day.  And overall, this is what we follow on our "At Home" days.

So many have asked "What do yall Do all Day?"'s a sneak peek inside our crazy, busy morning - hour by hour!

7:30am - J&N are up!  Quietly play in the their room until Daddy is finished working out.  Mommy         S-L-O-W-L-Y wakes up (I am NOT a morning person!)

7:45ish - I get MiniM out of his crib and fix breakfast.  Nothing fancy!

8:00 - boys begin breakfast and hugs&kisses to Daddy

8:30ish - Start Mommy and Me Morning Procedures like N's calendar and J's Daily Learning Notebook.  MiniM just hangs out in our Learning Room playing and rolling all over the place!

8:45 - Morning Chores for J&N

9:00 - Boys earned tablet time or watch PBS kids for completing Morning Procedures; I start a load of laundry and make beds.  Brush my teeth, MAYBE grab a quick shower (depends on baby's mood), throw on some clothes.

9:30 - MiniM goes down for nap; boys have playtime in the back yard.  (Check on gardens and play)

10:00 - Mommy and Me Lessons (J completes 2 workboxes; N completes his reading curriculum)
N's reading curriculum is from an amazing teacher turned super homeschooler and fellow blogger:  Here is the link to Reading the Alphabet:

10:30 - Outside PE for everyone!  (MiniM is still asleep!)  Mommy works out in the garage while boys ride bikes in the driveway, play soccer, pull weeds, or just play whatever!  

11:00 - Mommy and Me Snack time and 5 minute Reading Strategy Practice (MiniM usually wakes up)

11:05-11:50 - Lunch prep; Mommy chores like throw laundry in dryer; feed MiniM; J&N Free Play - usually end out outside in the back yard because of the lovely weather.  

12:00 - Lunch and watch Sign Time on PBS

Just wondering?  How does your day look?  Would love to hear some fresh ideas and thoughts!  Feel free to email or leave a comment below :0)
Happy Learning!  

Soon-2-be Post will be our afternoon schedule.

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