Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meet THIS homeschooling momma!

I walked into our Monthly Homeschooling Meeting a few months back.  We always do a quick intros for before we start.

This Mom had just moved to Austin, mother of 3 kiddos AND....AND....a former teacher!

There she sat!  This is the Mom that I had been praying for.  God knew that I  needed someone that understood my craziness.  HE knew I needed someone that understood my frustrations and struggles as a "Teacher turned Homeschooler".  And there she sat, with a great smile...A sister in Christ, a homeschooling Mom and a new friend...

We were invited over to her home one afternoon.  And the second I walked into her happy, homeschooling home...I knew THIS was gonna be a special friendship!

I was trying to absorb all her wonderful ideas while 6 kids ran around playing Star Wars.  I wanted to know more, I needed to learn more...and that's exactly why God placed us together at His perfect timing.

I was so excited about ideas, I knew I needed to share them with all of you.  So enjoy this quick picture walk through Ms. Val's happy home.

Here's a simple schedule that she posts just to keep her kiddos on task.

  Ms. Val has these posted in her kiddo's bathrooms.
These are simple and so sweet!  Just want little learners need.

Once again...simple and sweet!  And I love the idea of working together, then coming to ask Mommy how they can offer a helping hand!
Here's the link to make your own simple and sweet Chore Charts:

What kiddo wouldn't want to see their awesome work displayed down the hallway!
So simple, so sweet!

Great Anchor Chart on Apples (which was their theme)
Here's her sweet purchase off of Craiglist to organize books and materials!  

This amazing mom has so much to offer!  You haven't seen the last of her and these "Classroom Teacher turned Homeschooler" ideas.  
Thank you sweet friend, for opening up your home for me to share with other Mom's of Little Learners!

Happy Learning with your Little Ones.

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