Friday, October 3, 2014

A Peek inside Our Day!

This post was meant for yesterday, Thursday, but the day got away from me...hmmmm, I wonder why!?
I took yesterday off - canceled learning!  Well, kind of...we still read books, played Legos...but I put MY lesson plans aside.  My throat hurt, MiniM was snotty and needy - so I threw in the towel about 9am when the coffee just didn't get it done.

SOOOOOOOO, today was much better and we sprinkled learning throughout our day.  And here's a peek inside our day!

First, a yummy breakfast off our menu - FREE CHOICE!!!  Kid's favorite!

After a much needed bike ride to get out our wiggles and reset, we began updating our calendar.

15 minutes of "sprinkled learning" -
 built a Month of the Year Ladder with our month labels; N fixed the numbers and worked on left-to-right progression.
Took a quick play break, while I started some laundry and did some dishes.

No pictures of this:
But spent 10 minutes practicing our weekly Reading Strategy - "Does THAT make sense?" while eating a snack

Everyone grabbed their Reading materials
N worked on this curriculum with Mommy; while J gave a new book a "5 star review" in his Reading Journal; MiniM just walked around from room to room, doing his thing.

J decided to read his new book to us (even handed out tickets at the door), which led N to do the same!  MiniM just listened and absorbed!

After our Reading, kids played while I prepped lunch.
Then we went outside for our "progressional project"...building their skeletons.  Each day they get a new bone(s) in their bone bags.  They lay them out in their chalked-out self on the front drive. 
Sprinkle of Learning - 10 minutes!

Play outside, then eat lunch.
And rest time...I do make sure I read with each kiddo individually during this time.  We spend ALL day together, so these moments are sweet - just me and them.

J rests then is allowed to wake up and play quietly until I am ready for him.  And this was his creation he made!  A police watch station - very cool!

N and MiniM are still snoozing - so J and I add another page to his cabin book.

And we do alittle dinner prep and perimeter lesson using crescent rolls. 15 minutes of learning fun!

Just add sausages and you have....
PIGS IN A BLANKET!!! (It was breakfast for dinner night!)

While I wake up the lil guys, J picks a quick workbox using Q-tips and flashcards.  
He adds a "bone"/Qtip each time he completes the flashcard.  
Sprinkle of learning - 10 minutes

Everyone is awake - and our Learning Time is done for the day.

A Sprinkle of Learning here and there; makes for a fun day with time to play!

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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