Thursday, March 26, 2015

Something I regret not doing for my students...

Something that I didn't do as a classroom teacher is teach, discover and base our learning off our upcoming class field trips.  I guess we did read animal books before our Zoo Trips or research sea life before the trip to the Aquarium.  But, I'll be honest (and I think most school teachers will confess)...class field trips were just a day out and about!  A day we didn't have to plan lessons...a day we have EXTRA adults to watch 40+ kids.  And best of all...a day that we got to wear jeans and tennis shoes!

So if you were one of my former students, I'm sorry!  I am sure you are doing just fine without my intense planning before field trips.  And I can assure you that I am changing my ways.

I have made a promise to myself, as a homeschooling mom, to take time to plan, to learn and prepare my kids for their monthly field trips with our homeschooling group.

Tomorrow is a BIG day in this house!  We have researched and learned all about The Hill Country Science Mill for a good month now. And tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for!

With the help of a "pre-visit" lesson plan that was emailed out by our group was our final prep for tomorrow's big trip.
(You can usually find online lesson plans on the websites of wherever you are visiting - I have found them under "educators" tab or drop down menu)

During snack time, we used the computer to look up and discuss the exhibits!

 The "pre-visit" lesson plan invited the students illustrate themselves as a scientist, engineer and a mathematician.  It made my heart flutter with happiness to see what their idea really was when it came to these 3 professions.  They are so young, but know so much!  And they shared that knowledge through some awesome art work!

And here are their final products:
This is J's scientist illustration - him in a Chemistry Lab

J, as an Engineer, working on electrical wires.

And my favorite, J as a Mathematician, working in his office, just like his Daddy.

Here's N, as a scientist, that works with circuits

N, as an Engineer, using rockets (of course) and volcanos

N, as a Mathematician, creating computer phones "with the apple on the back"

I just love children's art - its such a great form of communication!  After this lesson, I am pretty sure that my Scientist, Engineer and/or Mathematician will be ready for their trip to the Hill Country Science Mill.  

And take the time to prep and plan for ANY type of trip with your little learner!  Make the most of moments away from home - use the world as your classroom - even if it's just a trip to the grocery store to look at the live lobsters in the tank!  Or searching for birds nest in the trees at the park!  The possibilities are endless and so are the memories that you will make! 

Happy Learning with your Little Ones! 

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