Monday, March 30, 2015

Hanging with The Hens!

We got the honor to hang with some pretty, cool chicks today!
They were so laid back, so easy-going and so much fun.
And ladies around This White House just don't exist...until the teenage years, right!?

When Mrs. Angel emailed us invited the boys to her home (aka The Chicken Coop), I immediately RSVPed with a BIG YES!!!.  What kid wouldn't want to learn how a chicken coop works and get the chance to chase them, clip their wings and EVEN give them a bath?  

We started with clipping the wings - which I never knew needed to be done!  And the 4 year old will tell you if you ask... "You have to do this so they won't fly out of Mrs. Angel's yard!"  And he is so right!

So with 9 chickens and 8 kiddos - everyone got the chance.  AND NO!!! IT DOESN'T HURT THE CHICKENS!

I have never seen my 6 year old so excited about teasing and chasing these chickens around.  "Gives them good exercise!" said Mrs. Angel!  A few kids, a few chickens and a big yard = a good cardio workout for all!

After a delicious sack lunch and a few wrestling matches on the trampoline - it was time to wash one of the gals up!  Just add a few drops of dish soap on the hands of these lil learners and watch them scrub away!  And that chicken just chilled and enjoyed.

And we even made it home with a good dozen eggs!  Fresh eggs!

After we got home, the 4 year old drew this...

A is for Angel; N is for N; S is for the scissors and Ch is for Chicken (Mommy helped draw that one!)  And I dictated his words for the sentence.

This day will go down in our Homeschooling History books!  
The Day we hung out with all those hens!

And I can almost guarantee if you want the same-type experience for your little learner - just ask!  Ask a neighbor that has a coop, find a farm, maybe even a trip to your local General Store.

When people have a passion - they are willing to share it with ANYONE!  We just need to be willing to listen and learn and bring our children along.

Happy Learning with your Lil Ones! 


  1. Thank you for joining us...oh, and I LOVE Nixon's drawing. Wow! :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. We had just a great time! Great way to start off our Spring:0)


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