Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1 Thing I Don't Like about Homeschooling...

I wrote this post about 2 week ago when I was sick...and never published it.  My husband ending up getting sick this week which made me start to really see how greatly we work as a team.  He was down and out for the past 2 days and I felt it!  Life has tricky.  My 5pm rescue hero was unable to rescue me when my nerves and patience were wearing thin.

But there are days when he comes home, from a long day at work, and I overlook all that he does and how he helps.  He is a leader when it comes to making us all go for our family walk, dishing out plates at dinner, showering the boys, sweeping after dinner, picking up the living room after I shower, so I walk down to a neat place to spend an evening...I could go on!  

We are a team!  He and I work so hard together to make this life (and everyday) work.  And when one of us isn't apart of our routine and schedule, IT-IS-HARD on the other spouse!  I love this man that we call Daddy!  Can't imagine this wild journey without him.
But today, instead of writing a new post, I decided this was the perfect post to publish.  Read, reflect and Enjoy!

Got ya with the title, didn't I?!

This week I discovered 1 thing I really don't like about homeschooling!  Here it is...

Momma, being SICK!  I mean REALLY SICK!

I had sent a good 2 hours on Sunday afternoon planning and preparing for this great, new year (even though we HS year 'round).  I had those butterflies, was full of excitement and everything was ready to go!  
I came down with a nasty sickness.  Fever, sore throat, aches - just nasty!

I don't have the option to drop them off a daycare and school so that I can sleep this off.  My husband needed to go to work for an important meeting, so him, staying home, wasn't a option.  Grandparents are hours away, so that's not gonna help!

Laundry had been stopped!  Meal planning had been stopped!  Daily life is altered BIG time when any mom is sick, homeschoooling or NOT!

Mommy being SICK is 1 thing I really don't like about homeschooling...

But on the flip-side, I also found out this week how much I LOVE Homeschooling!

Our family had to come together and quickly!  Kids had to grow up, just a smidgen, to help out Daddy.  Daddy had to rely on his awesome-self to come up with a new plan, like ordering pizza, riding bikes to get ice cream near by, warming up pizza for breakfast and tossing it out on the living room floor as he headed out to work.  
(Hey!  They got fed!) 

The boys were asked to leave me alone, watch movies and have fun...and they did just that, until Daddy came home.  (I did help feed them lunch)
My husband called in the troops and they got through it!  

I feel much better today (after sleeping for almost 2 days).  I walked downstairs about 9am this morning to a shiny kitchen (I was expecting dishes everywhere), noticed some folded towels and then walked around the corner to this sweetness...
As I sat, with my delicious coffee in hand, this started to happen.
 Jackson asked to use the USA puzzle which led to...
 ...a great discussion about state capitals, West Coast and East Coast and where we'd like to visit or live next.  And that led to...
 Using the computer as his teacher for the morning to learn about Minecraft Coding using
And this allowed me to put the little guys in the bath for some painting/shaving cream fun!

Life may have stopped for a few days, but learning seems to keep on going! And my husband and my kids are ok.  They survived!

And because we are a family, we survived it all...together!

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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