Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ice Cream in a Can

Ice cream will make anyone feel better, right?!  And after another week of being SICK...we needed some fun!  I was over watching movies, playing the IPad and watching movies again.  We've seen the movie Home at least 25 times in the last 2 weeks.  The cuteness is starting to fade!!!  

So I pulled a recipe, from my Fun with Food file, and we went to making and mixing "Ice Cream in a Can."  We usually cook on Fridays but on this Tuesday,  this is exactly what we needed.

Adding the Ingredients

Taping up our ice cream mix.

Smashing the ice cubes into smaller chunks 

(probably their favorite part)

Packed the ice and salt around the smaller can

Let's Rock and ROLL baby!

And we opened it up to check it out.
No ice cream!
We read the recipe and we needed to pack the ice in again and roll another 15 minutes.

Sick kids and this momma decided on having...

We got some much needed sunshine and a delicious shake on this Tuesday.  But most importantly, we made a great memory.  

Enjoy this FREE printable of this recipe...go make some yummy memories!  Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

Ice Cream in a Can FREE Printable Recipe

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