Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I planned for this...and they take it to that!

This afternoon, I had a yummy snack planned for the boys.  It's Dr. Seuss' birthday, so why shouldn't we celebrate.  I had bought these multi-flavored marshmallows about 1 month ago.  And was just waiting for the right time to use them.

I knew I could:
Sort by color with the 2 year old
Sort by color and add/subtract with the 5 year old
Sort by color and set up multiplication problems with the 7 year old.

And with it being Dr. Seuss Day, we could turn those marshmallows into Truffula Trees using tooth picks.  Right? 

And we did just as I had planned...
Color sorting with the Toddler
Addition rods with the 5 year old
Multiplication with the 7 year old.
And Truffula Trees were made, along with our orange Lorax.

But what made this lesson amazing...was what happened afterwards.  Unprompted, unplanned learning...

J decided to open up a "sample store" - Menu and all.  There was even a "Free Marshmallow Minute" when J handed out FREE samples, but only during that minute.  So we pulled out our spare change and went marshmallow buying.

And after N seeing and experiencing J's store, he felt the need to open up his own.  He pulled out ALL his space toys, price labeled them (all by himself) and opened his store.  His prices were much more than pennies and nickels.  So we decided to print off personal checks to pay for his products.  


Check writing is something they will probably NEVER do, but it sure made for some fun learning today.

So today taught me ... that somedays I will have the lesson plan.  And somedays they will!  I just have to let go and love the memories, the learning and the love for learning that is happen...naturally!

And remember always...there's LOTS to learn when you are little!

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