Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Family, FOAM and fun!

We had all be sick for a span of 3 weeks.  Before the sickness hit, I was laid up from surgery.  Things in this house were getting stale and icky.  Words being spoken in our home were not happy and were used purely out of frustration.

So on a sunny Sunday afternoon, everyone was feeling better.  I was feeling normal again...finally.  We decided it was time for some fun!  And all we needed was some FOAM to make that happen.

After posting pictures on social media, everyone was asking "how in the world did we make all THAT foam!?"  So what better way to remember this moment and share with you how we did it, than with a quick blog post!

**Keep in mind...we had researched this on YouTube a few weeks before.  This is NOT an original White Family idea!**

What do you need:

large, tall trashcan or bucket, water, baby soap (we used dish soap, which started burning eyes = goggles!), towel, duck tape, leaf blower with a hose attachment, trampoline is optional. 

Fill up your trash can about 1/2 way with water, add your soap (lots of it!).

Set in your leaf blower tube and attach it to the trash can with some strong tape.  We also taped a towel over the top to create more of an air pocket to make more bubbles.  It alway helped the bubble water not blow everywhere in the air.  

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Flip the switch on the leaf blower...keeping it up and away from the water!

And this is what you get!
(Can't you just hear the "OH MY GOSH!)

We took it one step further and the husband lifted it onto the trampoline.  

And that's when the FOAM FUN really began!

The picture below cracks me up!  I said "Throw up some of the bubbles"  And this is what I got...
the 5 year old throwing up the bubbles and the 7 year old...throwing up the bubbles!

Clean up was easy...

And this is all we needed to get a great start to our week!  Who would have thought.

Happy Learning with your little ones!

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