Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Squishy Circuits

I was doing some research for my upcoming Mommy's Little Learners workshops and came across this brilliant kit!  Have any of your heard or used Squishy Circuits?  

Well...if you have play dough engineers in da house.  Check this out:

Squishy Circuits

This is a simple kit that has the recipe for Conductive and Insulating Homemade play dough PLUS all the fun tools that help young kids learn about and experience circuits.

The kit comes with:
*Battery pack
*2 buzzers
*5 LED lights in red, green, white, yellow and blue

I knew I wanted to implement these into my workshop...but first it need to be "kid tested" to get my "mother approved".

So this is where it gets REAL fun!  Why not invite some friends to explore with us!

First, we needed 2 sets of play-dough, the conductive and the insulating.  

This crazy bunch made the conductive play-dough using the recipe in the kit.

This crazy bunch made the insulating play dough using the recipe from the kit.
After the dough was made, we let the children go play for 20 while we, the nerdy-science moms, tried to figure this out.  And we did! 
Battery pack + 1 blocks of conductive dough + 2 LED lights = awesome, circuit connection

Now it was the little learners turn to try it all out.  And we got the same expressions and responses as the moms. 

After exploring with all the kids using the motors and buzzers, the older learners asked to be "dismissed" and trickled away to play.  And these were the last to stay.

Was it the science that kept them at the table?
Or was it the sensory thrill of the play dough?
Maybe the 1-on-1 attention that THEY were getting at this moment of time from just their mom...

Whatever it was the kept our little learners there, doesn't matter - what mattered was that this moment was precious and this day turned out to be pretty, darn perfect! 

We learned, we laughed, we played.

and it was all with great friends and an amazing "kid tested, mother approved) resource (Thanks Squishy Circuits and Ms. Sarah and boys!)

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