Monday, February 13, 2017

Homeschooling at a Hotel

Did that title get ya?  When we road school, we take our learn to the lobby...the hotel lobby, that is!
*Side note, we always eat breakfast first, then swim for a good 30 minutes, then "have school".*

When we travel, I keep my materials simple.  This trip, I grabbed a deck of cards, made some copies out of the Albert Einstein book we were reading and a Readers' Theater Script.

J and N joined me for a quick read about Albert.  I made them copies to they could "track their thinking" and write all over the page if they had questions or ideas that POPPED into their brains while we were reading.  
MiniM is in the background, no kidding, watch golf and coloring.  You can see him in the picture above.
*remember we went swimming before we did school.*

I completely embarrassed my 8-year-old by reading our script for the lady at the front desk. 

 N and I did a few hands of" add the card number"...single digit addition, while J and I worked on double digit addition.
Maseman was handed a stack and enjoyed just counting and pretending.  I was excited that he knew most of the numbers!!

And there you go!  We used the Hotel Lobby as our classroom on this day.  Our total time, before heading over to play with some family friends, was about 30 minutes.

Short and sweet and just the way we like it...FUN!

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