Thursday, February 9, 2017

Roadschool'n trip to Sugarland Texas!

When Daddy heads to work out of town, I look for roadschooling adventures!
These boys are at the perfect "get up and go!" age and so that's what we've started doing.

Yep!  There's a Sugarland Texas (just south west of Houston Texas; 3 hours from Austin Texas)

the most amazing kid's museum EVER! 

Fort Bend Children's Discovery Museum

A great friend had recommended it and we went for it on that cold, rainy Wednesday morning.


This was the first stop.  A quick, interactive exhibit about Vietnam.  

Physics at it's finest!

This was so cool!  and you might had seen the video on my facebook page.
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We followed a printed out pattern that told us where to place the "notes".  Then you turned the crank, the "notes" drop creating a tune.
Ours was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Math skills and critical thinking skills got worked...

in such a fun way!

It's Dash and Dot!!!

Yep!  This was a HUGE hit!  Using a pully system to haul yourself up to the fun!

Da Da Duh Da!  We built an arch and learned about Newton too!

Warning!  You are now entering the City of Kidtropolis 

The idea of this part of the museum was for kids to get that real life their own little town.  Kidtropolis made up of the Wells Fargo Bank, HEB Grocery Store, a newspaper printing company, a school, a car dealership and mechanic, a ambulance/police office, an art studio, a dinner and a Vet/Pet shop.  Each of these businesses had pay checks that you would earn, then go deposit them on your debit card at the ATM.  Cute, huh?

This a working ATM that the kids get to deposit play money (from the bank)

Mason at the HEB grocery store buy some dried fruit.

 Vet and Pet Clinic

J was over at the ATM and the bank, most of the time.  He loved seeing his balance keep going higher and higher.  

Mase is on the Case! The Ambulance Center

N was in the back taking care of the patient.

 The Car Dealership - Mechanic on Duty!

 The School House

The Art Academy

The Newspaper Writing and Printing Company

 The Fort Bend Children's Discovery Museum filled our learning buckets to the top!  So much to experience in this great place.  We spent a good 3 hours and probably could had stayed longer.

  Hope you can find time to check it out with your little learners!  Tell them we sent ya.

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