Friday, March 16, 2012

B is for Bears!

While teaching 1st grade, I enjoyed teaching thematically!  All of my read-a-loud books, centers, crafts and so on where based off of one theme.  And I really felt that my students enjoyed it and LEARNED while teaching this way!  So, if it worked for them, I was hoping it would work for my lil Jackson!   
Bear cookies!  We B-aked these after we rode our B-ike to the B-ank! (more pictures below)  

So back in January, we decided to learn about bears.  This was my first attempt to preschool homeschooling, so I didn't take as many pictures/videos.  But I hope this gives you some ideas to do with your little learner!  
Picture of a scary bear will draw any 3 year old in!  My literacy focus (besides the letter B) was labeling!  Using sticky notes cut in 1/2, we labeled this scary bear and even learned about FUR (with the help of Tank and Max).
**Using old picture calendars are GREAT for this activity!  I always see them on sale at Micheals!**
B-erries and B-ananas on a stick for B-reakfast!  Even touched on making a pattern!

Our Fun with Food Friday treat was:

Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Frosting = one yummy Bear Cookie!
I just used a circle cookie cutter for the face, them rolled 2 small balls and flatten them for the ears.  We even added nose (rolled ball in the middle)

For the frosting, I just used a plastic baggie with a small hole cut in the corner.  Jackson squeezed out the chocolate frosting to make "fur" and I added the face!   

Sure was a yummy treat!

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