Friday, March 23, 2012

Made by me Books!

Scrapbooking USED to be one of my hobbies.  I can't find time to scrapbook any more, so we make books!  They are super easy to make and really not all that fancy!  Let your memories become your ideas for your books!  Trip to the beach, favorite toys, words to favorite songs, and so on!   Kids are the best inspirations!

Here are some of our Made by Me books.  We hope it inspires you to start creating, making and reading!
Here's Jackson's "Made by Me" Book box!  I have a lid that goes on this one, so Nixon won't "read" these!  They sure are special to Jackson and the lid helps keep little hands off and out!  Someday, Nixon will have his own book box like this one!
Our Moving In...Moving Out book
 Don't know why this is upside-down!  Sorry!
  Jer and I are proud renters and seem to move every year because of work, school or just ready for a change!  And once Jackson was born, I wanted to remember these homes and how old he was when we lived there.  So...I came up with the Moving In - Moving out book!  I took pictures when we "moved in" and, then a year later, took pictures of Jackson in the same room, as we were "moving out"!  It's amazing to see how much he had changed in 1 year!!  We are moving to a new house AGAIN this summer, so Nixon will be a great addition to our book!

Sideways picture...sorry!  I don't know what's going on with the pictures!  This was a fun book we did  Jackson's favorite monkey, JoJo!  We took JoJo outside and Jackson put him in different places around our house.  Simple and repetitive text reads..."JoJo is in the swing."  "JoJo is under the leaves."  And so on...
Another flipped pic!  Ugggg!  This was a quick book I made before running off to the zoo with some friends.  It was a scavenger type thing were if they saw that animal, then they colored it in and read the sentence.
Once again...simple and repetitive text.
 "I see a .."

Our Cars book of Cars
This fun book was inspired by Jackson's LOVE for the Cars movie! (One of my favorites too!)  It took us about a week to complete this book.  We wrote about 1 page a day.  Here's our step by step progess:
Step One:  We talked about how most books have pictures to help us read the words.   I wrote "I see..." and Jackson drew a picture from our picture stack.
These were all pictures of Jackson's Cars characters that I took one day during nap.
Step Two:  After we drew our character picture, we match it up with a page in our book.  This would help us spell out that character's name.  And Jackson would call out the letters in their name while I wrote them on the paper.  Great way to reinforce Letter Recognition!

Step 3 & 4:  Glued down character picture, then read the sentence to see if it matched what the picture showed us.    

Here's what the book looked like after all of our pages were complete! (Upside down, of course)  This was an old scrapbook that I never used with clear slide- in pages.  This is one of our fancier books!  
I usually just assemble the lamented pages with cute ribbon.   

Hoping that this post has inspired you to create books using the memories made with your little learners!  

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