Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For your littlest learner...

Now that Nixon has turned 1 year old, I'm on a mission to include him in some of our lessons and create some of his own age appropriate activities!  With both Jax and Nix, I let them "explore" with any thing or any activity that's new, rather than jumping in to showing them how it works.  Isn't that what you do with a new "something" that you buy or get?   Doing this, seems to spark new ideas or teach me something that I would have never thought of doing with that certain thing/activity.  Just taking the time to observe your children is such an amazing thing...and lesson!

  Here are a few, simple ideas I did with my littlest learner this week:
Painting! (of course)  But didn't use paper...just on his highchair tray.  I thought the paper might be to much!  Honestly, he didn't even try to taste it!  Must be all the times he has watch Jax do it.  

This is a word building activity (for Jackson) that I found on Pinterest using  single, stacking chunky legos...But I leave them out for Nixon to stack and sort.  And, of course, I build his name for him saying each letter as I stick them to the green Lego board.  
I noticed one day that Nixon kept himself VERY busy sliding a  plastic straw in and out of a cup with a lid from Chickfila!    So I made this simple small motor skill activity for him.  Just took plastic Gerber baby food containers and cut a small x in the lid, then gave him a few straws. 

Happy Learning with all of your little ones!

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