Tuesday, June 10, 2014

J & Mommy "Share the Pen" - Video Blog

"Share the pen" is a great way to model writing for your lil learner AND get them in on the writing action.

Here's a quick "share the pen" lesson I did with J (5 yr old).  

My observational teaching points were:
*use of finger spaces to separate words in sentence
*letter formation
*uses knowledge of letter sounds to create words
*stays focused on our 5 word fact that J decides to write 

We were writing a fact about the planet, Mercury (we've been studying the Solar System.)

That morning, we'd read some books about Mercury.  Before writing, I asked what fact he had remembered about Mercury.

He said "Mercury has a thick core" - the book had a great diagram of this and we actually spent a bit of time comparing Mercury to the different layers of an apple.  TEACHABLE MOMENT!!  Love those:0)

This clip is after J used the book to copy the 1st word in out sentence, "Mercury", onto the sentence strip.  It's my turn to write the 2nd word "has".

The next clip is J's turn with the pen.  Notice he uses his "finger space" (YIPPY!) and totally can write the letter "a".


Our next step to complete our sentence was to write the word "thick".  It was my turn with the pen, but J had to use the sounds in the word to help me write it out.  
*Watch my Mommy recap to see WHY I didn't push for writing t-h-i-C-k*

This clip is our final step ...  Rereading the sentence and add punctuation.  
AND you get a little taste of how I handle a little 3 yr old interruption.

Here is a Mommy Recap on the Whys? and What's next in J's writing.

**Quick tip when teaching a lil learner to write using sentences**
Talk about what you will be writing, then count the words in the sentence that you are planning to write.  For example:
The sentence we decided on was... "Mercury has a thick core."  So using my fingers, I modeled, while counting out the words..."Mercury" "has" "a" "thick" "core" = 5 words in our sentence.
Not to long, not to short for this Share the Pen activity.

Happy Writing with your lil learner!  

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