Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Video Blog - Writing lesson

I asked and you responded!  Some of you said you'd like to see a Writing Lesson with J, some of you said with N and some of you said BOTH!

So you got me thinking!  Let me invite BOTH boys to write, just have 2 different focus' behind my teaching.  Some days it works, some days it doesn't.  But today it work well!

Here's a little background on our lesson:

We are currently in the process of creating a model of the Solar System to hang up in our Learning Room.  After we made Mercury, J and I "shared the pen" to create a sentence/fact.  (I'll post the video blog later)

Today, we needed to do some catching up on sentence/fact writing.  We needed to write 3 facts about Venus, Earth and Mars!  In this (and most) lesson, we "share the pen".  This simply means you write, I'll write, you write, I'll write.  Taking turns!  

My reason for this writing lesson:
Both *help me see what have the boys learned from reading/studying Venus, Earth, and Mars.
Both *Listen and write individual sounds for each word. 
Both *Use finger spaces (to show separation between words in a sentence) 
*Does J use his Word Wall?
*Letter formation for N
*Understanding of letters vs words for N

Before I started videoing, we had decided and started writing on this sentence...
We live on Earth.
I wish I had this part on video for you to watch...you get to see more of J and his writing.

Here's a video where N and J are helping me "sound out" the word "live".  N is using his finger as our "finger space" between the words "We and live".
*You get to hear and see me make a Mommy/teacher mistake*

The next video is N writing writing the word "on".
We decided he should write the word "on" because he has that small word in his name...then J screams "Hey!  I have that small word in MY name and SO does MiniM!"

To complete our sentence, J wrote the word "Earth" by copying it from a library book about Planets.   

Here's our final products!

Sharing the Pen is a fun and interactive teaching technique to use with writing.  

Happy Learning with your Little Writers. 

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