Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Learning Room - est. 2011

As our 2014 homeschool year is about to start back up after a month break, it got me think'n...when did I establish "our Learning Room"?  
When did we start tot schooling that led us to this amazing journey of homeschooling?  

So I went on a picture search to help me remember.  I couldn't believe what I came across!  These sweet boys are going up FAST...and we've moved ALOT!

Our first Learning Room evolved in a great house in one of my favorite neighborhoods.

Big J was 3 and lil N was just a tiny boy!  We held a weekly tot class at our home.  Kids and Moms would come over to learn and have fun.

This is me, Big J and a friend doing a sorting activity in our Learning Room area...April 2011.
After a few months, Big J was ready for more than a foldable Lightning McQueen table.  So my inlaws scored a few desks from a local public school garage sale.  And this is what our Learning Room upgrade looked like at the time.
June 2011

We were using our sliding doors as a ABC/word wall...yes, in our undies!

Nixon had his little area on our fridge.

All good things come to an end...after years of many memories at that home, we moved houses in
September 2012.  

At the time, I was in LOVE with our new house and new neighborhood.  It was a 4 bedroom which meant...a WHOLE room for just Learning!!!  A Dream Come TRUE, right?  

 Wasn't it so cute and perfect?!  But it really wasn't practical for our family.  My kiddos were/are little and this room was 2 rooms away from our kitchen/living.  I found that learning didn't happen freely while I was washing dishes or prepping for a meal.  I missed our Learning Room in our me crazy!  I am a BIG fan of kids reading, playing with stamps, glueing, cutting with scissors all while I'm cook'n.  
After that discovery that 4 bedrooms (for us) just wasn't what we needed...
And my wish came true!  
We moved houses year more kiddo later! MiniM joined us in July 2013! 

Here's our Learning Room (in the eat-in kitchen area) at our August 2013 home.
Little did we know, we'd move AGAIN!  This time it would be to another State!  
This is our current Learning Room.  
January 2014
January 2014
 I just switched things up and added some flare to our Learning Room!  My best motivator is a crawling 1 yr old that is discovering EVERYTHING.  I needed to re-think what we used and what we didn't.  Plus, the excitement that this "newness" has created in me and my children is super cool!  

August 2014

So if you homeschool or not...find a space in your home where learning can happen!  Lay out baskets of learning toys for your little learners.  Provide them baskets of books along the baseboards in your living area.  PLAY will lead to learning...I promise!

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Happy Learning with your Lil ones
Psalm 128:3
Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine Within your house, Your children like olive plants Around your table.

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  1. I love your use of space & your visually stimulating learning room decorations/tools. I'm looking forward to setting up something similar for P. :)

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