Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Successful Solar System Thematic Unit

It took us a good month+ but we DID it!  We created and learned about our Solar System!  And these 2 are still enjoying and asking for more!

We started with planet Earth and the Moon because that is something they can relate to at such a young age.  After that, we spent 1day per planet.  That morning, we'd read about it from our personal and library books, quick chat, make it, then let it dry.  Then late afternoon, we'd come back together and "share the pen" to write a 1 sentence fact about that planet.

 Just thought I would do a quick picture blog to share it with you.

We started with making the moon and our Earth using blown up water balloons, strips of tissue paper and watered down glue.  
We "shared the pen" to write facts about each planet.

Then we hung the planet (once it was dry) along with the written fact on the ceiling.
We used our 1979 Kitchen light as our "sun", then hung each planet as they were made.

N made an Asteroid Belt and was SO proud that he did it all by himself.

Hung the Asteroid Belt above the door frame to separate "rock planets" from "gas planets"

And the song!  Makes my heart smile when my kids learn through singing.  It's from Dr Jean CD (my hero as a 1st grade teacher!)

Here's a link for the lyrics.  
Planet Song by Dr Jean

Here's Mr 3 yr old performing it:

This lesson reminded me to find what your kids are interested in and Go With It!  
Happy Learning with your Lil Ones!

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