Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our schedule - as of August

We've taken an good month or so off from structured learning.  And with the new school year coming soon, I needed to reflect on our last year and prepare for this year.  

How did I start?...With our daily schedule.  

If we were to send J to school outside of our home, he'd be in Kindergarten.  So I wanted to create a schedule for us that would reflect that...but just has our sweet, homeschooling twist!

This is a SLOPPY COPY of our schedule...yes that's a coffee stain on the paper!: 

Did we jump right into this schedule?  Absolutely NOT!  We would have all freaked out...especially after taking some time off.  I am a BIG fan of gradually releasing!  It gives me time to see what works and what doesn't.  

2 weeks ago: 
I learned very quickly, that N (my 3 yr old) would rather get his calendar done first, before playing/Curious George comes on at 8am.  So I penciled in 7:45am for Morning calendar for N and Daily Learning Notebook for J.  It works beautifully, because MiniM can eat his breakfast (and most importantly, BE CONTAINED!) while the boys get that done.  Plus, MiniM is actively listening to us count, sing the days of the week and such.  

Sounds busy?  Yes it is...I'm not going to lie:0) 

Last week:
I tried "Circle Time" 2 ways.  
One way was in our living room with Mason "out and about!"...yep, that didn't go well. 

So the next day, I combined snack and Circle time...Perfect!  Mason is contained in his highchair, N&J are snacking and enjoying a great read-a-loud.  We were able have a mini-book club!  

This week:
I'm adding our 30 minute "Reading Block".  I haven't planned reading lessons for this week.  I am using this block of time to assess both boys, 1-on-1, on their Reading skills and strategies.  I am a DATA DORK so this week hold LOTS of excitement for me!  Once I have this data, I will be able to plan what I need to teach or reteach.

Next week:
If all goes well, we will add our Writer's Workshop block.

**No Math block?  I incorporate J's Math within his workboxes (future blog?) plus Daddy works with both N&J during the evenings.

Is this what our everyday looks like? Most of the time...but not always!  Life happens and we have to adjust. Or learning might happen differently and we have to adjust.  Ahhhh...the joys of homeschooling.

Happy Learning with your Lil Ones!

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