Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's for Breakfast?

Can't you just picture it?....

"MOM I would like cereal!"  
"MOM, I would like yogurt and a waffle!"  
"MOM!  just hand over the breast milk!"

All while the hubby is mixing his morning smoothie and heading out the door!!!!

After a few months of feeling like the cook at The Waffle House,  I HAD to do something.

I was tired of shuffling around (half asleep) trying to fix breakfast for 3 different lil learners.  

I was worried about how much $milk$ we were going through in a weeks time because that's the easy thing to fix - cereal and milk!  Right, Moms, it's our "go to meal!"

I KNEW my kids needed more nutrition in the morning to get us started up for the day.

Public Schools set Menu's...I set a weekly dinner menu... so let's try this Breakfast Menu!  

I really don't remember how this idea evolved, but I am so happy it did! 

I introduce to you - our Breakfast Menu:

It's a simple pocket chart from Lakeshore Learning, Days of the Week cards, a die-cut Star to highlight the Day, and a handful of interchangeable menu options:

Pancakes (I make them a freeze them in bulk)
Burrito (eggs, left-over meats, cheese)
Waffle (frozen)
Oatmeal (for colder days)
Free Choice
Special (Chick-fil-a or donuts)

Every Sunday afternoon, I toss this out in the living room and J&N work together to put the menu together.  
Of course, the first few weeks of this idea, I'd guide them in their choosing, but now its easy!  

They get it, they work together and THEY OWN IT!  

OWNERSHIP for kiddos is HUGE!!!
If you involve them, they feel a sense of importance and it really helps with ANY complaining!  

Just a quick post, for a quick idea, that has made a HUGE difference in the way we start our homeschooling day!

Happy Learning with your Lil Ones!

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