Monday, April 6, 2015

A Peek inside our Day!

I did a blog post a few months ago like this one and I got alot of comments about doing it here ya go!  Just a chance for you to get a peek inside our Homeschooling day!

Today was just a great day!  So I want to celebrate and share it...hoping that it inspires you!  (And just keep in mind, that not every day is this awesome!  I promise to blog a "terrible, no-good, very bad day" post...when it happens!)

8:00am - Breakfast

8-9am - TV time/clean up from breakfast/feed Sparky, our class pet that is visiting this month

9am - Start morning chores

9:20ish - Dressed, shoes on and ready for our jog to the park.  J rides his bike, while N and MiniM are in the double stroller

9:45 - I enjoy my morning smoothie while the boys play at the park.  

10am - I decided to start bringing their Reading materials to the park.  This is a great chance for me to work 1-on-1 with N and J.  They swap off playing/watching MiniM.

10:30 - Jog/bike back home for more fun learning.

Today I set up stations using The Homegrown Preschooler's curriculum.  

This was a preposition game using a Fuzzy Ball and a cup!  Put the ball on TOP of the cup!
He got this one!  Put it on your head!

And then we got silly - Put it in your glasses'!

10:45 - We added some building blocks
*There were a few problems with MiniM and knocking over the masterpieces that the other boys had built.  But we go through it...and practiced understanding.*

Gave everyone a job for clean up!  J picked up the blocks, N picked up the pattern blocks and MiniM held the empty containers.  We used their Easter buckets for a fun way to pick up!
And I have learned that MiniM just wants to be a part of what we are doing.  Sometimes, its HARD and sometimes it works beautifully!  But he is learning too and I need to remember that!

11:05 - J decided to head outside to play; N played this Build A Robot Game and MiniM was putting chicken nuggets on a cookie sheet for lunch.  

11:15 LUNCH

11:30 **I was wondering if I should start such an activity before rest time, but I'm glad I did!**

Cloud Dough!  4 cups of Flour + 1/2 cup of Baby Oil = Sensory FUN!!!  And so relaxing...

The 6-year-old just kept playing and playing!  He added water to see what would happen and it turned into the sticky dough!
I read with both lil guys and got them down for naps and J was STILL outside playing with this stuff!

1:30 All are resting; I'm mopping, showering and emailing

2:00 J gets up and checks his email.  I LOVE this because with this one learning tool, he can read, comprehend and reply (writing/keyboarding).  He thinks he is cool when he gets to work in the floor with a drink and a snack AKA "brain food".  

3pm J & N are up and asked if they could search for Hot Wheel toys on the computer - YES!!! So I gave them 10 minutes to do so and then we needed to clean the Guinea pigs cage before MiniM woke up!

3:30 Everyone is up!  Afternoon snacks! Then we head outside to play...some more!
N dressed up as an astronaut and we practiced "blasting off"

MiniM found a chain and played with it for a LONG while before we walked down to check the mail.

J is ALL into hacking electronics and tinkering.  He found an old fan and decided to take it apart.

And that was our day!  Lots of play, lots of laughs and lots of fun for this mommy and her 3 little learners.  This is what our homeschooling day looked like TODAY...tomorrow will be different.  It may be wonderful again, it may not be.  But it will be 1 more day that God blessed me with.  Doing what I love and loving what I do...all with my boys!


  1. I love the way you framed out this post! It's great for moms like me that struggle to make the day make sense. This makes me realize how easy it can be to make the day run more smoothly.

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  3. Poem - I start whenever our hearts and minds are ready! If it's still 10am and we aren't "feeling it"...we go for a walk or play outside. That seems to ALWAY work!


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