Thursday, June 18, 2015

Peek inside my Planning book

This is NOT what my plans looked like back in 2013 when I started "tot schooling"!! AND this will all look different next year when I have an official "1st grader" in this homeschooling house.  And every homeschooling parent will say - "be flexible and find something that works for you!"  And I am backing that quote!  Plan and document your homeschooling in a way that works for you!

But if you are needing some ideas to work's a peek inside my planning.

This system worked for me this 2014-20145 school year.  Some days were detailed, some days weren't.  Some days we did it ALL, some days we didn't.  Some days were easy-going, some days were nasty and ugh!

But it was ALL documented and written down.  This is a teacher planning book that I purchased at Lakeshore.  I've tried doing planning in Google Docs, using spreadsheets and online...that didn't work for me, as it does for some.

Here's my plans for my first week in August...detailed and OH! SO! Lovely!

What's up with the RED pencil?

I keep this RED pencil handy at ALL TIMES - because it's how I note the things that I taught that weren't actually "planned".  The RED arrows are for something that needs to be reviewed or pushed to next week.  I also check off in red so I can see what we've accomplished and completed.

And here's one with a BLUE sticky note!  I usually make notes on these for future lessons.  If I noticed something in J's reading that we need to discuss and learn, I make note and slap it in my book.  Then I can refer to it when I'm planning next week.

I thought you might want to see the difference between what our plans looked like in August (first pictures top of blog) vs. our plans in May (below).  

LOTS of blanks and an easy-going plan that I will continue to use over our busy summer.  

I didn't even plan Workboxes this week of May.

The most important thing I try to keep in mind is to keep things documented!  The LOVELY state of Texas is very FREE when it comes to Homeschooling, but that might not always be the case.  And I don't want to lose that privilege because I didn't document my kids learning and my teaching.

How do you plan?  How do you document?  

Would love to hear your ideas to inspire me for next year! 

Happy Learning with your Little Ones ~

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