Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Garage Sale - Kids ONLY!

This past spring, we were at the park.  I noticed that J had set up a "rock stand" and was trying to sell rocks...yep!  regular ole rocks.

He LOVES rocks and has a great collection.  We've even glued a few of these rocks and sold them...to adoring grandparents that proudly placed them on their mantle.

I knew that J had a sense of entrepreneurship in him after seeing this.  So I came up with an idea of a Kid Only Garage Sale.  And summer is a perfect time for this!

2 weeks before the Garage Sale:
We started with a simple clean out of toys!  We went through bins, tubs, drawers and baskets.  If it was "for sale", the boys knew to drop it into the white laundry basket.

After about 30 minutes of cleaning out, I lugged the basket full of toys out to the garage and there is sat...for 8 days.

Why the garage?  I wanted to put it out of sight, out of mind.  My kids always seem to want "that toy" back...so I thought the garage would be the best way to prevent this.

I did show it to J and told him that he could add toys to it if he came across anything that he decided he needed to sale.  And it's funny...he did just that.

7 days before the Garage Sale:
I sent out an email to friends inviting them to round up some spare change and come over!  That was also the day we created our BIG sign!

3 days before the Garage Sale:
While the 2 lil guys napped, J and I started sorting out the toys that had been placed in the white laundry basket.  We started with a pile for J and a pile for N.

Then, J created signs (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, $1) and began sorting out by price.  I set up storage bins for tables.  This is cheap, already in our garage and a perfect kids height.

Days prior to the Big Sale:
During rest time, J would ask if he could go out and work on the garage sale.  And he would!  He would go set up his displays alittle differently.  One day, he added color to his price signs.  And this was all without Mommy prompts, which I LOVE!

I even posted out event on our neighborhood FB page for alittle bit of advertising.

And then...the BIG day had arrived!  Cookies made, check!  Lemonade mixed, check!  Let's do this!

These pictures speak for themselves!  I enjoyed sitting back, chatting with other Moms, watching all the magic happen!

What a FUN day of "life school" at home!

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