Friday, June 5, 2015

Photo Blog - The Homegrown Preschool Curriculum Class

That morning, there was a mello-mood in The Toybrary.  We had the place to ourselves and ALL were engaged...these pictures can simple tell!  

(Pictures taken by Angel Carter-Smith)
I just love this picture!  Curious, learning eyes of some pretty awesome kiddos...and my very own is sucking his thumb!
 Just precious!                                                   
Sneaking a few sugar cubes!
Just add colored water

Some fine-motor practice using paint, tongs and water beads

UGHHHHH!  touching "brains"

My Popsicle Paint holder...isn't he cute!? 

Happy Kid!  Just add flour and colored water in squirt bottles!

2 six year boys, 1 four year old boy, 1 five year old girl...and MiniM
 Serious conversation!

And door prizes!  Everyone loves a good prize to take home!

Another class to go down in the books!
I love what I do and I love even more the people God places in my life to teach...

Activities from April - June curriculum classes were taken from these 2 fabulous resources!  

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